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Have you ever wondered what the workplace would be like if we could read each other's minds?
Give it some thought, as ridiculous as it seems.
How many times have you been a victim of misunderstandings, incomplete and inaccurate information, or mixed signals?
How many times have you wanted to tell someone the truth with impunity?
How many organizational breakdowns can be attributed to the big "C" word - communications?

The focus of all change, growth and development at the organizational, group level, or individual level requires a high degree of complete, accurate communication.
The communication process requires a proper context, structure and forum to be effective.
The people involved in the communication process require clear thinking and appropriate language to express themselves.

The work that I do is all about communications.

  • Accelerated Change Management involves a design and structure for people affecting or being affected by change to have a meeting of minds through dialog about the future.
  • Management Feedback System involves a design and structure for a leader and work team to have a meeting of minds about their roles and expectations of each other to achieve results.
  • Career Coaching Skills for Managers involves a design and structure for a leader to have a more meaningful dialog with an individuals about their future, career and success.
  • Workforce Development and Career Planning involves a design and structure for individuals to get a clear picture of their future, a strategy to get there, and a way to express those desires to those who can influence one's life.

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