Accelerated Change Management and Strategic Planning
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Accelerated Change Management and Strategic Planning

A Unique, State-of-the-art Approach to Defining the Future and How to Get There!
An Alternative to "Doing the Same Old Things" and "Getting the Same Old Results"

Advance Your Business by "Discovering Common Ground" among all stake holders by using this unique, highly effective approach to long range strategic planning, in real time, that goes beyond traditional strategic planning and involves the entire "community" surrounding the organizational entity searching for its desirable future.

FUTURE SEARCH CONFERENCE is based on methods and principles developed and set forth by Marvin Weisbord, Sandra Janoff and numerous other professionals who, over many years of research and practice has contributed to the understanding of large group dynamics and systems theory. Explore Future Search Conference at: SearchNet


  • Get the whole "system" in the room ~ representing all influences involved
  • Think globally ~ Act locally
  • Focus on the future ~ acting "as if" 5 to 10 years out
  • Seek common ground by consensus ~ not solve problems nor resolve conflict
  • Self-managed process with facilitators creating an environment for productivity
  • All participants stay for the entire conference

Establishes common purpose and contributions in addition to the business of strategic planning
Shares responsibility and control by all constituents instead of mandates from the "top"
Fosters commitment to the organizational mission from all influences
Broadens horizons and perspectives that guide short-term priorities
Involves representation from internal and external influences at levels beyond leaders and experts

This approach is highly effective when an organization wants to:

  • Infuse energy and motivation to renew and revitalize organizations
  • Shift organizations in transition from the past to the future
  • Identify and confront new or changed external conditions affecting the organization
  • Generate support, congruence and commitment from all segments of the system
  • Clarify the future purpose, roles and boundaries of the organization and its interfaces


  • People move from boundary feuds and protecting special interests to mutual cooperation and support.
  • The entire community looks beyond their assumptions and fears to common ground "outside the box"
  • Mutual understanding and focus develops to increase commitment and support to implement and sustain action plans and change strategies

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