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Advanced Leadership Coaching

An efficient, proven methodology to increase management effectiveness

  • Has your work team reached their maximum performance potential?
  • Would you like to spend less time supervising the details of your work team, and invest your energy on more higher level, strategic activities?
  • Do you have a valid, effective and efficient plan to achieve the above?

    If you answer these questions with a "Yes", then I want to learn from you.
    If you want answers for these questions, I can help you get them.

The Management Feedback System™ is a highly effective, Internet based communications process that enables you to:

  • Determine the leadership needs of your work group to accomplish business results
  • Focus attention on those needs
  • Engage in a structured conversation
  • Establish a mutually agreed upon action plan to meet business objectives, your goals and their needs for the future.

Early Adopters of this approach report that:

  • Trust and respect for them and their work group is enhanced;
  • They are able to more effectively focus on meeting the needs of their most important customers - their work team members;
  • Two-way communication with their work team on the most relevant issues is enhanced;
  • They have been empowered to control the entire process of data collection, analysis, action planning and feedback of results - for the balance of their careers;
  • They have a better, more solid basis for preparing personal improvement plans and a way to measure progress over time.

Comments from progressive leaders using this process:

  • "I finally know the thoughts of my team."
  • "I always knew what to do, now I know when to do it."
  • "Next best thing to "Reading Minds!"
  • "This is real Empowerment for me and my group!"

MFS On Line
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Management Feedback System

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